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AHU’s for, HVAC, Air washer, Humidification, Dust control, Fume Extraction systems, Theaters & Halls.


Air care provided total turnkey solution for HVAC system right from designing to supply, erection and testing. We have successfully implemented over ranging 1TR to 100TR systems in pharmaceuticals, Electronic, and large commercial buildings. We take care about service and AMC.

Air Showers


Air care manufactures Air showers for the entry of critical areas. Persons entering into OT area Corridor or to ICU/CCU area are required to pass through the high pressure, high velocity Air jets of HEPA filtered air. This removes all dust particles and bacteria .

Static Pass Box


Pass box is required for material transfer from non clean room to clean room area. It reduces number of persons entering clean room. They are available in SS304/PCGI with interlocking arrangement, with and without HEPA air barrier.

Laminar Flow Bench


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Garment Storage Cabinet


Air care offers storage cabinet with HEPA filters and UV lamp in MS and SS constructions. These cabinets maintains the sterility of garments. Door collapsible, sliding and Hinge type. Blower and motor are STD make.

Clean Room Protective Apparel


Air care Clean room protective apparel for suppressing microbial growth with molecularly bonded aegis antibacterial Microbe shield and Bio-permeation control. Teflon treated at 400°C fro smallest pore size with highest particulate filtration efficiency, highest moisture transport rate, fluid repellency, splash protection, easy wash and soil release with dew point Teflon.

Sandwich Panels


These panels are produced with variety of infill like PUF/EPS/Rock wool. Outer skin of the panel is PCGI of SS. The size are 1.2Mtrs to 5Mtrs long Max. in different thickness from 30mm to 150mm. Sandwich panels are produced out the most advanced machines.

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Double glazed or single glazed with fire resistant or normal glasses in PCGI or SS frames are offered. Sizes are offered to suit the end requirements. Proper gasket are provided to ensure leak proof.



These Doors are designed to meet your requirements with variety of infill's like PUF/Rock wool. Fire safe doors, SS doors, Cold room doors, Refrigerated doors, Clean room doors, Commercial doors, Emergency Exit doors, Annual maintains doors. (with inter locking system) Etc.

Floor Treatment


Epoxy / Antistatic and Metal flooring with varied thickness for light to heavy traffic movement. These flooring are most suitable for Pharmaceuticals, electronic industry, Hospitals, and other industries etc.

Dust Extraction Unit


PCGI construction with double skin used for fine dust collection for Bulk drug pharmaceuticals industries. Manual or Pulse jet cleaning with adjustable timer. With SS dust catch up hoods.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood


PCommercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood. These are fabricated using quality materials and in accordance with industry standards. It is efficient in removing volatile gases, smell and mist from the kitchen. Our exhaust hoods are widely appreciated by various hotels and restaurants. In addition, they are offered at affordable prices.

Fume Hood


Fume Hood is designed to extract fumes from the work station to the environment with the help of Hepa filter at exhaust. The fume chamber will be provided with a centrifugal blower mounted on top of the Hood, coupled directly with a suitable motor for sucking the fumes from the hood and forcing it to go out to the atmosphere through the duct. Front glass sash door is connected to suitably balanced counter weigh for convenient vertical sliding. Fume hood is provided with suitable lighting inside the work chamber. Available with or without storage cupboard under the workbench.

Mobile / Dynamic pass box


Dynamic pass box is designed to allow material transfer through controlled environment without much personnel movement. It also aids controlling ingress of particulate contaminants into clean room & between different classified areas. It is designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry into the clean room.

Treated Fresh unit


The DRI Treated Fresh Air Units provide a complete solution for IEQ and Energy Saving in a single modular unit with option to add modules for cooling, heating, humidification, high efficiency filtration, mixing, sound attenuation, etc.

Air cooling unit


Evaporative Cooling pad Fresh air system is the process in which air is cooled by using the heat in the air to evaporate the water from an adjacent surface. A temperature reduction of 10 to 20°C (50-68°F) can be achieved by passing the hot fresh air through the wetted pads.

Dispensing/Sampling Booth


Dispensing/ Sampling Booths are recommended for mixing, weighing & dispensing of powder avoiding distribution of powder particles throughout the work area. These units are used to control the hazardous emissions of powders, dust or vapors during powder dispensing, product sampling, or bag dispensing, etc., without risk to the operator or environment.


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